Ximena Saredo


Hi there! In this page you will find info on some of the projects I´ve been involved with in the last years, either as part of the team at Ukelele Studio, or individually, and which are not part of my day work.
I´m a bit into gamemaking and art ... so I like to experiment with all the aspects of the creative and development process of games. Individual endeavours allow for that. But teamwork also provides quite some pros, so is nice to work in team as well, focusing on one or two aspects of the process, and coordinate and discuss with the rest to reach your goals. Recently I also started as well with some apps programming.
Part of the tools I use for this projects include DAWs, software synthesizers, photo editors, vector image programs, natural drawing programs, Construct2, AppInventor.
If you want to check out my CV you can find me at Linkedin. If you want to check out the rest of the work we do at Ukelele Studio, please go to Ukelele Studio.






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